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Site Renovation - 1 Year On

Site Renovation - 1 Year On


We have been in our newly renovated showroom just over a year. Throughout this time we have added the finishing touches, such as the newly designed ‘pop-up’ shop, which allows us to showcase the latest and greatest Porsche Tequipment and Accessories. We also have our brand new Specification lounge, which allows customers to have that special connection with us while speccing their brand new Porsche. As well as all this, we also have our new Handover lounge, which makes every customer’s handover feel extra special and personal to them.

We’ve also added a Direct Dialogue Bay (DDB), which allows customers to have that direct connection with our Technicians, when carrying out the necessary checks on their car.

Our new showroom is one of the best in the country, with the most highly qualified Technicians across the UK. Overall, we feel we can deliver the best possible service with the facilities and services that are available to us.

For more information on all the services that we offer, please contact us on 01142564455 or email us at info@porschesheffield.co.uk .