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Five modes in one day – with the Porsche 911


With the choice of 5 different drives modes on offer in the Porsche 911 992, there is a mode for every occasion.

Normal mode - Perfect set up for relaxed cruising. The throttle response is a little slower and automatic upshifts from the twin-clutch PDK gearbox happen a little earlier in the rev range. The suspension is also in its softest setting to maximize ride comfort.

Wet mode - Using acoustic sensors in the front wheel housing to detect spray, Wet mode warns the driver about the risk of aquaplaning. If the system detects a wet road surface, the response behavior of the Porsche Stability Management (PSM) and Porsche Traction Management (PTM) systems is preconditioned so that both systems intervene earlier and more sensitively. Wet mode also alters the adaptive aerodynamics and optional Porsche Torque Vectoring (PTV) Plus to guarantee maximum driving stability.

Sport mode – Brings the car to life by sharpening up the driving dynamics and opens up the optional Sports exhaust to produce a satisfying bark and a raise in the pitch of the engine. The suspension stiffens to minimize body roll, dynamic engine mounts engage to enhance handling balance further.

Sport Plus mode - Ideally suited to circuit driving, this mode is designed to maximize performance from the 992’s chassis and drivetrain, with instantaneous throttle responses, lightning fast shifts and markedly sharper steering and stiffened suspension.

Individual mode – This mode allows the driver to cherry pick their favorite elements for a bespoke set-up, tailored to a certain favorite road or regular journey.

Read more about the different modes here or  please contact a member of our team on info@porschesheffield.co.uk for more information