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Porsche Sheffield Taycan Drive

Porsche Sheffield Taycan Drive


A couple of months ago Porsche Centre Sheffield went on a road trip to demonstrate the real world range of the Porsche Taycan. We decided to visit five different race circuits around the UK to demonstrate how easy it is to charge and locate a charger. We used our Taycan 2WD demonstrator with the optional Performance battery plus.

We started the week by heading to Anglesey Race Circuit in North Wales. We had a range of 240 miles which easily got us to Anglesey. Using the Zap-Map app we were able to locate a suitable 50Kw PodPoint Charging station. After a stop of about 1 hour, we were left with 223 miles of range which was perfect for our 160 mile trip back to our centre. We arrived back with 97 miles of range. Day 1 ended successfully and the car was put back on charge ready for day 2.

Day 2 saw us visit Silverstone race circuit. We arrived with 124 miles of range which meant we had enough to get to a tritium 350kw fast charger which in just over 20 minutes gave us 81% and 209 miles of range, which was more than enough to make the 81 mile journey back to our centre. Another successful day.

Day 3 was a real test for the Taycan as we set off down to Brands Hatch. Again we used the Zap-Map app to locate an Ionity 350kw fast charger just outside Stevenage. With this quick charge, we were able to arrive at Brands Hatch with 151 miles and 61% battery range remaining. This allowed us to get back to a fast charger at Peterborough services. Arrived back at the centre with 42% battery and 105 mile range which we thought was fantastic. So far we have been very impressed with the ease of charging the car. All this has helped with having a planned route.

Day 4 saw us visit Thruxston. We stopped at a 120kw fast charger at Chieveley services which got us to the circuit and back up to an Ionity fast charger at Rugby services on the way back. Arrived back after covering 440 faultless miles.

We finished the road trip by heading to Cadwell Park. Yet another faultless trip and yet again demonstrated how easy and convenient it was to charge the Taycan. By using apps such as Zap-Map, it shows how easy it is to locate a charger along your journey.  The whole team praised the trip and said how surprisingly easy it is to drive the Taycan and not worry about where the nearest charge point is.

For more information and any questions you may have about our trip, please contact us on 01142564455.