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Under the skin with the Taycan AR Event App

Under the skin with the Taycan AR Event App


A new augmented reality app enables content creators to delve beneath the skin of the all-electric Taycan and share the sports car’s depth of engineering detail, unique technical features and sophisticated charging infrastructure.

The smartphone revolution means we now do extraordinary things with our mobile devices. Video calls, streaming media-on-demand services, professional-quality photos and much more besides are all available at the swipe of a thumb. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Porsche and Frankfurt-based mixed-reality experts NSYNK, a mobile phone can be used to see the inner workings of the Porsche Taycan. The Taycan AR Event App has been created to enable content creators to shoot and publish augmented reality content that delves beneath the skin of the all-electric sports car. With it, users can show, using live-action video and audio, the depth of engineering detail, technical features and charging infrastructure that make the Taycan so special.

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