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Three miles up: team sets extraordinary new altitude record

Three miles up: team sets extraordinary new record


A Taycan Cross Turismo has entered the Guinness World Record books after setting a new benchmark for the greatest altitude change ever achieved by an electric car – 4,842.967 metres, or just over three miles.

J.F. Musial and his team are usually behind the camera, creating automotive films and TV shows. They’re also close friends and travel addicts – always exploring and scouting new locations, even when the cameras aren’t rolling. Now, this interest has taken them to new heights – literally.

Motivated by curiosity, they’ve driven a Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo on a record-breaking journey from deep underground to the top of a mountain. In a little over a day, they navigated from the lowest point they could access in America by car, to one of the highest – a vertical distance of nearly five kilometres – travelling more than 2,250 kilometres between the two, pausing only for both humans and the car to momentarily re-charge. 

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